Website design prices in Tanzania

Website design price in Tanzania

Whether you are operating nationally or internationally, having a website which is well designed is mandatory. While the business world recommend to have a website, the prices in website design varies from country to country. In Tanzania for example, it cost from TZS. 400,000/= to millions of shillings based on the client’s need. In this post we will give you a price range for a different web design types. But before getting to the web design prices, we will take you through an understanding of what costs are included to complete a web design and publish it so that it can be available online


In order to have your website designed and published online you need to pay for three to four services as follows;

  • Website design fee
  • Website hosting fee
  • Domain name registration fee

Let discuss one after another so that you can be familiar with them.


A website is simply a collection of digital files designed to bring meaning and provide information to readers. A website contain text (in digital form), images, audio, video and other system files. The process of putting together these files to create web pages is what we simply call a web design.  Therefore, web design fee is a fee for the process mentioned above. Website design fee are almost higher than other fees. Web design fee is also in most cases not renewable. The following are average prices for the website design in Tanzania, remember that this is an average market price based on our research, however, our prices are much lower than these. please contact us for much cheap web design prices.




Online Presence

Landing page web
with all necessary details


Professional blog

Full blog for
news and other usage

From 600,000

NGO Website

Full website with
2 to 10 pages plus blog

From 600,000


Full website with
2 to 10 pages plus blog

From 650,000

Tourism Website

Full website with
2 to 25 pages plus blog

From 700,000


Full functional

From 900,000

Job Portal

Full functional
job portal

From 900,000


Full functional
online shop

From 1,250,000

E-commerce Multi Seller

Full functional
online shop with many sellers

From 1,750,000

Note: Some companies tend to design a website without offering a design fee but they charge monthly fees which are much higher than paying one time design fee. So if you are faced with that situation please do your math well.


Let understand what is web hosting first. As discussed above that website is a collection of digital files such us text, images, and videos. These files need to be stored the same way you store your pictures and videos on your mobile phone or computer. In phone you have an internal and external memory card while in a computer you have hard disk. When it comes to website, it is stored in a server (which is similar to memory card or hard disk). So, since you do not have your own server, and it is expensive to run a server just for your website alone, it is wise to rent a small space in a server for your website.  This act of renting a server is what we call “website hosting” and you will pay small fee every year for that rental space. Usually, the website hosting fee is paid annually. and it rage from TZS. 50,000/– for email hosting only to hundred thousands based on the size and other hosting features. However, our prices are much lower than these. please contact us for much cheap web hosting prices.


When a website is stored in a server (host), your visitors will have to access it and view the website. While there are millions of website in the world, it require to have an address for each website so that every person who need to access a certain website, will go to the internet and type the address for that website and view it. Similar to physical addresses or postal addresses, they must be unique and no one address should take a visitor to more than one address. An address for a website is called a domain name. A domain name looks like this “”, example;

A domain name is paid annually and the prices varies from a depends on the ending of the domain, for example, .com domains prices start from TZS. 35,000/- while start from TZS. 25,000/- per year.


It is important to understand that you need to cover all three cost to have your website designed and published. So for example, if web design price is TZS. 400,000/-, web hosting price is TZS. 80,000/- and domain name registration is TZS. 35,000/-, therefore, you will have total cost of TZS. 515,000/-. Note, these are market prices and not our prices. Our prices are much cheaper, you can contact us now and you will be surprised.

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